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Microfiber Interiors

Optimal protection - silky soft microfiber inlay keeps your smartphone in perfect condition


Precise Craftsmanship

All our cases are cut perfectly to fit, with generous

camera openings designed never to interfere

with your phone’s performance while allowing full

access to buttons and the charging port.


Raised Corners

Our subtly raised corners are barely noticeable, but they offer the perfect amount of cover to protect your screen from scratches.








Slim, high-precision, snap-on case with enlarged camera opening


High-quality polycarbonate case with silk-soft surface finish


Dual material – wood and Danish fabric (by Gabriel)


Hand made, precisely crafted and polished wooden inlay with laser-engraved logo


Thor Universal Magnetic

Docking Solutions

All Nordic Elements Cases have built-in magnets, are prepared for our magnetic docks and fully enable Qi-Compatible wireless charging when connected to the our Thor Magnetic Docking Solutions, and other Qi-Compliant  wireless chargers.

Finest Timbers

The names of our wood materials and exclusive finishings are all inspired by Norse mythology and the modern, cozy, contented Danish way of living, ‘Hygge’. The natural timbers each have their own unique grain like a fingerprint, while the cases have a tactile, silk-soft surface that draws your touch.


Made from maple wood. It has a light-coloured look, rich grain patterns and a fine, even surface to the touch


Finest Timbers*

Premium Danish Fabrics by

Gabriel fabrics complete a ‘Made in Denmark’ finish that feels incredible in your hand. Widely regarded as the best quality on the market, each fabric is made from recycled materials, Oeko-Tex and Cradle to Cradle Certified™, sustainably eco-friendly, free from harmful chemicals and perfectly safe for inquisitive babies or small children. Combining caring for the planet and its people with the beauty, heritage and feel of the fabrics.

Gabriel Sodley

Reliable and Contemporary

The soft, discrete, brushed surface gives a neutral and exclusive appearance.



Premium Danish Fabrics*

Refined Touch

The materials used in Nordic Elements cases and accessories have been tested in extreme conditions – even in the pub. They’re not just highly resistant to alcohol, either, as the materials have undergone strict chemical-resistance tests to ensure they can withstand prolonged exposure to substances.


Silk soft touch

Calmness and light


Refined Touch*

What we value

Socially Responsible

No Harmful Chemicals

Handcrafted with Passion

We got you covered

Our case collection covers all iPhone models, plus we have advance provisions in place for new designs to come.

Spots Removal

A Golden Rule

• Always remove the spot as quickly as possible. Most types of spot can be removed with lukewarm water possibly with a tiny drop of neutral detergent such as hand soap or shampoo. Moisten the spot, apply a tiny drop of neutral detergent such as hand soap or shampoo. Let is soak in a few minutes and gently rinse off the soap and let the case dry naturally.

• Do not soak the entire case.

• Use only the cleaning methods specified in the guide to spots.

• Always use a clean white cotton cloth and use only small quantities of cleaning agent at a time.

• Warning! Do not use a hairdryer or heating to dry your case.

• Warning! Benzene, acetone and similar products may damage the case if used excessively.


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“Nordic Elements, inspired by

legends, designed in Denmark

and handcrafted by experts.”

Car Airvent Charger


Thor Magnetic

Car Airvent Charger

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Sustainable & Socially Responsible


Elegantly designed, handcrafted cases

made from premium sustainable fabrics

and the finest timber

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~ { Old Norse: Hel, “Hidden” }

Raised Corners

Our subtly raised corners are barely noticeable, but they offer the perfect amount of cover to protect your screen from scratches.